Calgary cyclists brave biting cold, slippery snow for Winter Bike to Work Day

Despite a windchill colder than –30 C, many Calgarians, layered in GoreTex and long underwear, took part in Winter Bike to Work Day.

Some of the youngest attendees were on their way to daycare

Feb. 9 was Winter Bike to Work Day in Calgary. 0:26

Despite a windchill colder than –30 C, many Calgarians suited up in their long underwear, piled on thin layers, strapped on their helmets and hopped on their bikes for the city's annual Winter Bike to Work Day Friday.

In addition to the biting cold, many had to contend with the fresh dump of snow that, over the past 48 hours, brought 25 to 35 centimetres of powder to the city's pathways and roads.

"It was knee deep in some places," said Joshua Bettle, who biked down to Eau Claire Market from the Max Bell Arena.

"A few people passed by me with fat tire bikes. Even they were walking," Bettle said.

Joshua Bettle wipes the sweat from his brow after cycling from the Max Bell Arena to Eau Claire. (Mike Symington/CBC)

But Krista Phillips said her morning ride in the frigid temperatures was "very invigorating."

"It's the best part of my day," she said.

Krista Phillips says she's thankful for improvements in city bike infrastructure. 'Having an opportunity downtown in these cycle tracks to be separated from the cars makes my commute so much safer, and I feel so much more confident on my bike,' she says. (Mike Symington/CBC)

With a giant windshield protecting his daughter in the front seat, Daorcey Le Bray said cycling is just how he and his daughter get to and from daycare and work each day.

'Winter Bike to Work Day is no different than any other day for us,' says Daorcey Le Bray with his daughter. (Mike Symington/CBC)

"We normally bike every day, so this is just free food, as far as I'm concerned," he laughed.

Breakfast was advertised to be free for the first 100 cyclists who made it to the event at the Eau Claire Market.

With files from Mike Symington