Mayor Nenshi drives C-Train as Calgary Transit launches 4-car service

Mayor Nenshi drives a four-car C-Train to City Hall Station to mark the launch of four-car C-Train service in Calgary.
Mayor Naheed Nenshi was on hand as Calgary Transit announced the launch of four-car CTrain service starting Nov. 13. (Daorcey Le Bray/City of Calgary)

Mayor Nenshi has taken the controls of a four-car C-Train to mark the launch of the longer C-Train service in Calgary.

"Four-car train service will be a dramatic improvement to our public transit service," Nenshi said in a release following a successful three-week testing period.

"We are literally adding 33 per cent capacity when it's needed most," he said.

Mayor Naheed Nenshi is at the wheel of a four-car C-Train as Calgary Transit started running two four-car trains as part of its regular service on the 201 Red Line from Tuscany to Somerset. (Scott Dippel/CBC)

The fourth car creates room for 200 additional passengers per trip, giving the longer train a total capacity of 800 people.

Two four-car trains will now operate regularly on the 201 Red Line between Tuscany and Somerset – two weeks before the planned rollout in December, the city said in a release.

Plans to expand four-car train service will occur next year as new trains begin arriving in Calgary, the city said.

Calgary is getting 63 new transit cars worth roughly $200 million, which Nenshi says will help alleviate congestion — especially on the north-south line.

Of those, 28 will be replacing the older U2-model cars, which have started breaking down after 34 years of service.

The new S200 light rail vehicles (LRV) are manufactured by Siemen's Canada and cost $3.2 million each.

Calgary Transit is also expecting its first new "Mask" C-Train car in January.

In 2013, Calgarians were asked to vote for their preferred car design. They chose the Mask, said to be inspired by a goalie's face shield.

The Mask design — said to be inspired by a goalie mask — was chosen after a vote in 2013. Other options were The Bow, inspired by the Bow River and The Buffalo, inspired by the buffalo. (City of Calgary)


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