Calgary Transit riders asked to board buses at back doors starting Friday

Calgary Transit is asking passengers to board buses at the back doors starting Friday in an effort to protect its drivers from COVID-19.

Riders asked to use honour system as cash fares won't be accepted

Calgary Transit wants bus passengers to get on through the back door in order to reduce contact during the pandemic. (Mike Symington/CBC)

Calgary Transit is trying to keep its drivers as safe as possible during the coronavirus pandemic by asking passengers to board buses at the back doors.

The policy comes into force on Friday.

Calgary Transit says it's meant to keep a safe distance between riders and drivers to help limit the spread of COVID-19.

Cash fares will not be accepted. Calgary Transit says it will rely on customers to use the honour system.

Riders are asked to use single-use tickets and rip them up once they're on the bus.

Customers who need accessible boarding will still be allowed to board buses at the front door.