Calgary teens fight cyberbulling by reading 'mean tweets'

Students from Bishop McNally High School were recruited for a YouTube video inspired by Jimmy Kimmel's Celebrities Read Mean Tweets.

YouTube video inspired by Jimmy Kimmel's Celebrities Read Mean Tweets

Teens from Bishop McNally High School in Calgary were recruited to read 'mean tweets" collected from across Canada for the YouTube video. (YouTube)

Millions of people have chuckled over Jimmy Kimmel's Celebrities Read Mean Tweets videos, which feature his famous guests reading nasty tweets about themselves.

While the videos are funny, they gloss over the dark reality that regular people — especially teens — are dealing with mean tweets everyday. 

A new YouTube video inspired by the Jimmy Kimmel Live!​ segment is hoping to bring attention to cyberbullying. It's called Teens Read Mean Tweets.

The Calgary advertising firm WAX produced the video and collected about 200 homophobic, racist and sexually harassing tweets from the internet.

"Just spending an hour trolling Twitter, it really kind of hits you hard. All of this hatred being directed at people online," said Jordon Lawson, who produced the video.

Lawson recruited students from Bishop McNally High School in Calgary to read the tweets. 

"The teens were really behind it and understood the message," said Lawson.

Partnering with, WAX posted the video on March 11. So far, it's received more than 34,000 online hits.


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