Calgary student's replica gun raises school safety concerns

Police say security is adequate in Calgary high schools following an incident where a student was charged for taking a replica handgun to class.
A William Aberhart High School student faces charges after taking a replica gun to school. 2:23

Police say security is adequate in Calgary high schools following an incident where a student was charged for taking a replica handgun to class.

The student brought the airsoft gun to William Aberhart High School, located in Calgary's northwest.

Another student who saw it told the school resource police officer, who then found the realistic-looking gun in a locker.

He also found other weapons in the locker, including brass knuckles.

Most high schools in Calgary have a police officer on site, even though they are not there full time.

Sgt. Duance Lepchuk says students are glad to have them around.

"People are very grateful and wish there were police officers in every school, every high school," he said. "Unfortunately, due to man-power issues, some high schools have to share."

The student is now facing weapons charges and will also be suspended. Police say he has had a history of problems at the school.