Famous Calgary Stampede marshals of the past century

Do you remember when Pierre Trudeau, Bing Crosby or Christopher Reeve held the honour? Here are some photos to jog your memory.

Pierre Trudeau, Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Christopher Reeve have all held the honour

From 1912 to the present, we take a look at some of the most famous parade marshals the Calgary Stampede has ever had. From left: Fire Chief James 'Cappy' Smart, Pierre Trudeau and Bing Crosby. (Calgary Stampede Archives)

Here's a Throwback Thursday for anyone excited about the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.

With the Calgary Stampede parade set to kick off on Friday, we take a look back at some of the earliest and most famous marshals. 

1912: Fire Chief James 'Cappy' Smart, right, was the inaugural Stampede parade marshal

(Calgary Stampede Archives)

1928: Viscount and Lady Willingdon, the Governor General of Canada and his wife

(Calgary Stampede Archives)

1959: Legendary entertainer Bing Crosby

(Calgary Stampede Archives)

1978: Pierre Trudeau, then Prime Minister of Canada 

(Calgary Stampede Archives) (Calgary Stampede Archives)

1993: Christopher Reeve, a.k.a. Superman

(Calgary Stampede Archives)

1995: Disney icons Mickey and Minnie Mouse

(Calgary Stampede Archives)

2013: Canadian astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield

(Canadian Press) (Jeff McIntosh/Canadian Press)

2014: William Shatner, a.k.a. Captain Kirk

(Todd Korol/Reuters) (Todd Korol/Reuters)