Pickles, bugs or gold with your ice cream? Calgary Stampede midway foods revealed as sweet and strange

Calgary Stampede goers this year can take in the chuckwagon races while gorging on cheesy ramen dogs, pickle cotton candy and octopus lollipops, if so desired.

Pickle cotton candy anyone? New over-the-top treats will delight and disgust

Calgary Stampede midway offerings for 2019 include pickle ice cream, gold ice cream and octopus on a stick. (Calgary Stampede)

Calgary Stampede goers this year can take in the chuckwagon races while gorging on cheesy ramen dogs, pickle cotton candy and octopus lollipops, if so desired.

The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth has revealed 50 strange, delightful and occasionally disgusting midway foods for 2019.

We'll give you a sampling of the offerings, but there will be so much more on offer, from creamy truffle lobster dumplings to the heart burn-inducing "hangover cure arepa."

Cheesestacks, perogies and tacos will be covered with hot peppers and Cheetos — and there are so many options for pickle-lovers.

However, this list starts with edible creepy crawlies, so read on at your own risk.

Monster bug bowl

Yes, those are beetles and crickets on top of ice cream in a waffle bowl. The Calgary Stampede's description asks, "who wants to bug out?" But eating this, how could you not get grossed out.

The bugs are edible, allegedly.

Deep-fried Twizzlers

Twizzlers join the list of atypical deep-fryed foods this year. They'll likely be better than deep-fried butter, which premiered six years ago.

Midway chefs will be rolling these candy sticks in batter before deep frying and sprinkling them with icing sugar and chocolate.

Dill pickle pop

Why so many pickles this year? There's pickle cotton candy, pickle ice cream and this popsicle. The picture shows it stuck in a jar of pickles but expect the frozen pops to be sold alone.

Flamin' frog legs

Frog legs are no longer a delicacy. Bring an antacid if you plan on ordering these.

These frog legs are breaded with Flamin' Hot Cheetos crumbs, and then dusted with more hot Cheetos. And yes, they're also deep fried. 

Garlic parmesan freakk fries

These "freakk fries" have two Ks and 30-centimetres of crispy potato. Let's see if you can eat these while walking in a crowd.

They'll come with a variety of sauces beyond garlic parmesan, from butter chicken to chocolate.

Butter beer ice cream

Harry Potter fans, check this out. This butter beer ice cream comes in a cup with a wafer wand, or in a "black charcoal" cone.

Octo leg and lolly

Seafood is featured among this year's midway food. These options are straight-forward: would you prefer an octopus leg on a stick or an octopus lollipop?

The Snickle dog

Oh boy. The Stampede's creative and daring chefs have mixed hotdogs and pickles with a Snickers bar. 

All wrapped in a tortilla and of course deep-fried, you'll be eating this hotdog covered in chocolate.

BBQ chicken hearts on a stick

These are a sure-fire way to get in some protein while perusing the midway events this summer. The hearts are infused with spices and herbs before getting grilled.

King Spammy

We'll end this sampling with royalty. King Spammy is a foot-long hotdog topped with pineapple and chunks of Spam. 

It's garnished with cilantro for a pop of colour and prestige.

The full list of midway offerings can be found online. The 2019 Calgary Stampede runs from July 5-14.


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