Behold the unholy creations cooked up for this year's Calgary Stampede

This year, why not put some grubs on your hot dog before you hit the ferris wheel?

Cow tongue, Pop Rocks and mealworms on offer for those who wish to test their gastronomical fortitude

What, you're saying you've never tried an all-beef mealworm hot dog before? The Calgary Stampede has announced the bizarre creations for this year's 2022 midway, including a pickle bun sandwich, deep-fried oreo mini donuts and Kraft Dinner soft serve. (Submitted by Calgary Stampede)

This year, why not put some grubs on your hot dog before you hit the ferris wheel?

The Calgary Stampede has released its annual list of new midway food for the event. Some items on offer are mostly familiar for those in the know, such as the deep-fried Oreo mini doughnuts.

But as always, other options seem designed for those who missed out on their shot to appear on the American stunt show Fear Factor, such as the all-beef meal worm hot dog.

That item is made using meal worm protein, whole-roasted meal worms and beef. "Meal worms are high in protein and safe to eat," reads the Calgary Stampede's website.

"The spectacular and inventive dishes brought to the Midway every year truly make the Calgary Stampede experience fun and memorable," said Kyle Russell, director of Stampede programming, in a release. 

There are more than 40 items on the menu this year, including octopus rangoon, glazed doughnut grilled cheese, bad breath lemonade (a mix of garlic, caramelized onion and lemonade), and unagi sushi tacos.

The Calgary Stampede runs July 8 to 17.

Meal worm hot dog

The all-beef meal worm hot dog is made using meal worm protein and whole-roasted meal worms, along with beef. (Submitted by Calgary Stampede)

Bao baos

Three steamed taco baos, filled with crispy shrimp tempura, deep-fried pork belly, slaw and fried avocado. (Submitted by Calgary Stampede)

Kraft Dinner soft serve

The Kraft Dinner soft serve is as advertised: the taste of macaroni and cheese distilled into soft serve ice cream. (Submitted by Calgary Stampede)

Glazed donut grilled cheese

A four-cheese blend held between a glazed donut, with a choice of protein. (Submitted by Calgary Stampede)

Lemon meringue lychee lemonade

Fresh-pressed lemons, lychee and lychee-popping boba make up this drink under creamy foam topping and lemon sanding sugar. (Submitted by Calgary Stampede)

Waffle cookie dough ice cream sandwich

Guests can choose between flavours of cookie dough and ice cream which is then sandwiched between two waffles. (Submitted by Calgary Stampede)

With files from Dave Gilson


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