Smokepocalypse: Hazy Calgary in pictures

It's been a dark and dreary day in our normally scenic city. Here are some Calgary views you may have missed.

It's been a dark and dreary day in our normally scenic city. Here are some Calgary views you may have missed

If you squint, you can probably make out the Calgary Tower in the background. (Justin Pennell/CBC)

If you dared to venture outside on Wednesday or Thursday, you likely noticed a pall of smoke hovering low in the city.

The dreary and dark day was the result of smoke from hundreds of wildfires burning in British Columbia.

For the latest on the smoke situation in Alberta, see: 'Not good for anybody': Southern Alberta air quality remains 'very high risk' to health.

Environment Canada issued an air quality statement for the entire province, and Albertans were advised to stay indoors.

Here are some photos from around the city captured by those people who dared to go outside.

The sky was obscured by smoke Thursday. Air quality is considered to be a very high risk to health, according to Environment Canada. (Justin Pennell/CBC)
Calgary woke up to a smoky skyline on Thursday. (Justin Pennell/CBC)
Calgary stayed smoky Wednesday evening, when Ray Spiteri took this photo. ( Ray Spiteri)
Andrew Lowe took this picture in Springbank Hill in southwest Calgary on Wednesday evening. (Andrew Lowe)
At 7 a.m. Wednesday, the sun should have been shining in Calgary, but the smoke from the B.C. wildfires produced a dark haze over the city. (Leslie Kramer/CBC)
Ali Beal shared this photo of sunny skies from 6th Avenue and 11th Street S.W. on May 6, left, and with smoky skies on Wednesday. (Ali Beal)
Can you spot the sun in this photo? (Hint: That orange dot in the trees isn't a smudge on your screen) (Tracy Fuller/CBC)
This view of downtown Calgary was breathtaking on Wednesday, but not because of its beauty. (Justin Pennell/CBC)
Beth Keeler sent us this photo Wednesday morning of the murky view of downtown from her living room. (Beth Keeler)
Can you spot the Peace Bridge through that yellow haze? (Justin Pennell/CBC)
Air quality issues at Calgary's WinSport forced outdoor summer camps to move their activities inside for the day on Wednesday. (Dave Will/CBC)
A Calgarian shared these photos of two very different walks on her way to her work in August 2015 and 2018. (Selena Gignac )
The view into downtown from Macleod Trail, near Erlton Station, was reminiscent of something from a zombie apocalypse film. (Mykin Calalang)
On a normal day, you have a clear view of downtown from this Bridgeland intersection. Today is not normal. (Dave White/CBC)

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