Calgary's Stampede Wrestling looks to step back in the ring

A member of Calgary's famous Hart wrestling family is hoping to bring Stampede Wrestling back to local fans.

Bruce Hart is planning a televised event for November

Bruce Hart is training up-and-coming wrestlers for a televised Stampede Wrestling event in November. (CBC)

A member of Calgary's famous Hart wrestling family is hoping to bring Stampede Wrestling back to local fans.

Bruce Hart, a former wrestler himself, believes there's an appetite for regular, live performances in this city — and eventually across Western Canada.

Founder Stu Hart operated Stampede Wrestling in the city for more than four decades, putting Calgary on the map in the wrestling entertainment world. (CBC file photo)

Hart is currently training wrestlers with the goal of hosting a televised event this November.

He wants to return to Stampede Wrestling's roots and has no grandiose plans to try to supplant World Wrestling Entertainment, commonly known as the WWE.

"[It's] kind of the antithesis of what Stampede used to be," he said. 

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"Stampede was sort of like two guys going at it and a lot more action than talk, and WWE is about 60 per cent talk and about 40 per cent action — not all that spectacular either."

Hart is now putting the call out for wrestlers and other supporting characters for the show.