Calgary's historic MacLeod Brothers store closes

After 109 years of clothing men in Calgary, the retail store MacLeod Brothers is closing its doors.

After 109 years in business, a Calgary landmark is closing.

MacLeod Brothers was once one of Western Canada's biggest menswear retailers, but employees started packing up the store this week.

One of the owners, Tim Geggs, started working in the store when he was 18 years old — more than 30 years ago.

The window of Macleod Brothers clothiers in 1925. The iconic Calgary store is shutting its doors after 109 years in business. (Glenbow Photo Archive )

He says he remembers being greeted at the door his first day.

"They had a greeter, and he also sold the hats in the hat department," said Geggs. "Earl Keith was his name. He worked there for 60 years. He had a diary and a book at the front door of every customer that came in, what the weather was like, kings, queens, princes, movie stars — everything that came through the door he recorded."

At that time, the owner had a chauffeur drop her off each morning at the front door and there was a feather department to change the feathers in your hat.

Beggs says people don't dress up like they used to, but he thinks that will change when people get tired of jeans and T-shirts. 

He expects the store to close by the end of the holidays.

"It's hard to make a dollar. It really is," said Beggs, adding they can't compete with bigger bargain chains.

Mount Royal Marketing professor Sharon MacIntyre said they shouldn't try and compete.

"You have to be different and it's not on price," she said. "You can't compete on price when you are a local family business."