​Calgary's East Village hiring 'resident ambassador'

The CMLC is hiring a 'resident embassador' to tweet, type and talk about what it's like to live in the East Village.

Job perks include bicycle and rent-free condo for 1 year

The CMLC says it's looking for an urban explorer to chronicle life in the East Village for a year. (CMLC)

Yet another company is offering a "dream job" in exchange for some good publicity on social media. 

The Calgary Municipal Lands Corporation (CMLC) has an opening for what it calls "Calgary's Best Job."

The successful candidate will live rent free in the East Village for a year and tweet, type and talk about life in the new urban community.

"Really it's a storytelling position, this is a communications job," said Susan Veres, VP of marketing and communications for CMLC.

So why not hire a social media expert?

"We wanted someone to live the experience. We wanted to tell the story from the eyes of the resident," said Veres.

She says that's why the official title of the position is "resident ambassador."

But don't quit your day job.

Veres says the salary is about $700 per month for 25 hours of work.

Other perks include a bicycle and a Car2Go membership.

Veres says the East Village is really seeking an "urban explorer" — someone who is connected to downtown Calgary's arts, culture and food scene.

To apply, you need to make a short video and post it on various social media channels to prove you have a robust following.

The deadline is June 30.


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