Calgary road rage incident sees 2-on-1 fight in middle of traffic

Police are looking to talk with both drivers involved in a road-rage incident caught on video and posted to YouTube.

Warning: Video embedded below depicts violence and includes strong language

Three men were involved in the fight in an apparent case of road rage that played out in the middle of traffic on a city street that was captured on video and posted online by YouTube user Philly Sheppard. (Screenshot/YouTube/Philly Sheppard)

Video depicting an apparent case of road rage in Calgary has surfaced online, filmed by a bewildered driver who watched the two-on-one fight break out just in front of his vehicle.

Calgary police said they've had numerous calls from witnesses about the brawl, which happened Wednesday at about 1:45 p.m. near the intersection of Deerfoot Trail and 16th Avenue North, but so far have not heard from anyone involved in the altercation itself.

The video footage begins with two men — one appearing to have just stepped out of an SUV, the other out of a car — exchanging punches while a third man, a passenger from the SUV, stands nearby.

The two combatants grapple with each other as they fall to the ground, coming into contact with the third man on their way down.

As the SUV driver frees himself from the melee and starts to get up from the ground, his passenger holds the other person down. The SUV driver then steps back for a moment, before delivering two kicks to the car driver being held on the ground.

One man delivers a kick to another man being held down on the ground during the apparent road-rage incident. (Screenshot/YouTube/Philly Sheppard)

All three then separate and then the two occupants of the SUV get back in the vehicle and drive away, as the video ends.

Chris McKee was on his way to work when he witnessed the brawl.

"They were already fighting by the time I rolled up," he said. "I was probably three cars back and the light had been red for a bit of time and then it turned green and everybody started honking their horns telling them to get out of the way."

McKee said it's not the first incident of road rage he's seen on Calgary streets but he's never seen one escalate into a full-on fight like this before.

Police said they have called both drivers involved in the incident and asked them to call back, but as of Thursday afternoon there had been no response.

Here is the video. Warning, it contains violence and strong language right from the beginning:


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