Calgary rental prices up as West LRT readies to open

Calgary's newest section of the LRT line is set to change the face of the west side of the city when it opens next week.

Rental prices

10 years ago
Duration 2:29
Some people who live in west Calgary say their rent is increasing because of the West LRT line.

Calgary's newest section of the LRT line is set to change the face of the west side of the city when it opens next week.

Oneika Brown lives in a prime location — just steps away from a brand new station on the West LRT — but the added convenience comes at a cost.

Brown has been told her rent will soon be going from $795 to $995 a month.

"All I've been told by the management agency is you either pay it or this is your 90 days notice," she said.

"I have been looking at prices within this area and basically the average rent, from what I can see, is an increase of about $100 dollars around here," she said. 

Real estate agent Matt Verity has also been watching prices along the route riding upwards in anticipation of the new line.

He says an increase in rents is usually the first indicator.

"You're going to see rents go up in the range of five to 10 per cent higher…just because they're going to become that much more attractive to renters who tend to not want to have multiple vehicles because you don't have the parking for it, or don't have the means for it," said Verity.

Renter Brown says the new LRT is not worth the extra cost so she may move to a new neighbourhood.

"I'll get to use it for a couple of months, but that's it for me really," she said.