Man charged with 2nd-degree murder for death of woman found in Calgary motel room

The woman found dead in suspicious circumstances in a Calgary motel room Friday was a "really nice girl" who moved to town recently, sometimes stayed at shelters and hoped to return home soon, says a friend was in the room next door at the Red Carpet Inn.

Police called to Red Carpet Inn after report of suspicious death

Police were called to the Red Carpet Inn at 4635 16th Ave. N.W. after reports of a suspicious death on Dec. 21. (James Young/CBC)

Police have charged a man with second-degree murder after a woman was found dead in a Calgary motel room on Friday. 

The woman was found in a room at the Red Carpet Inn in the 4600 block of 16th Avenue N.W. about 7:10 a.m.

Police made an arrest soon after. Clifton Spotted Eagle is charged with second-degree murder.

He appeared before a justice of the peace Friday night.

A friend described the victim as a "really nice girl" who moved to town recently, sometimes staying at shelters and hoping to return home soon.

Police have not released the identity of the woman so CBC News will refrain from publishing that information until it's confirmed and police have notified the victim's immediate family.

Friend of victim

Catherine McVeigh was staying in the room next door and said she knew the victim. 

"She's a friend of mine. We stay at the DI [Drop-in Centre] downtown and every month people will come because it's a cheap hotel," she said. 

McVeigh said the victim was a "really nice girl."

"She just came here a few months back, came to the shelter and was planning on going back home," she said. "I'm not sure why she didn't."

Refuge from the shelter

McVeigh said the hotel provides a refuge from life in the shelter.

She said she didn't hear or see anything prior to the arrival of emergency crews.

She said the victim was staying with her boyfriend, whom McVeigh had met for the first time on Thursday.

"There was no conflict from what I could see," McVeigh said. "They had been drinking, but that's par for the course, right?"

An autopsy will take place on Monday.