Calgary exceeds average rainfall halfway through July

More rain has fallen over Calgary in the first 17 days of July than normally does for the entire month, according to Environment Canada.

Only five days without rain, so far

Torrential rains last week flooded many cars parked near the Southland C-Train Station in Calgary. (Bob Clark)

July isn't even over and Calgary has already exceeded what it normally gets for rainfall for the entire month.

As of July 18, Calgary had recorded 118.9 mm of precipitation. 

The average is about 65 mm, said Dan Kulak with Environment Canada.

"So, closing in on double the normal rainfall for the month, with almost half of the month still remaining," he said.

"[That's] over a quarter of what Calgary normally gets for precipitation for the entire year, rain and snow combined," the Edmonton-based meteorologist told CBC News on Monday.

The first half of the month is also proving to be wetter than all of July 2015, which had a total rainfall of 56 mm.

It rained almost every day at the 2016 Calgary Stampede, which dampened attendance by 6.9 per cent from the previous year. (Jeff McIntosh/Canadian Press)

Only 5 dry days

On average, Calgary gets 13 days of rain in July.

But it's already had 12 days of soggy weather and only five days without rain.

While Kulak says "it's certainly wet," it's not a record-setting month for rainfall — at least not yet.

"We've actually had some very high rainfalls in the Calgary area. A one-day record for July is 95 mm back on July 15 of 1927, so we haven't had anything like that so far this year."