Man shot by Calgary police dies in hospital

The man shot by Calgary police on Saturday evening died in hospital early Sunday morning.

Police were called to an apartment building in Kingsland for a disturbance about 9 p.m. Saturday

A man jumped from a second floor balcony and confronted officers on Saturday when he was shot. The man later died in hospital. (Anis Heydari/CBC)

The man shot by Calgary police on Saturday evening died in hospital early Sunday morning.

Police were called to an apartment building in the the 600 block of 68th Avenue S.W. for reports of a disturbance about 9 p.m., said deputy Chief Bob Ritchie. 

"This call was for reports of a man yelling and screaming and throwing things in the second-storey hallway," he said.

Police spent about 30 minutes talking to the man before things escalated, said Ritchie.

The man — who was in his 40s — suddenly jumped from a balcony on the second floor and confronted officers at which point he was shot.

"Although I can't get into specifics, I can say weapons were recovered at the scene," said Ritchie. 

The victim did not have a criminal history.

"However, we have had interactions with him in the past," said Ritchie. "We come into contact with numerous individuals on a daily basis outside of criminality. Although our members are incredibly well trained, they are put in some of the most difficult, dangerous and dynamic situations you can imagine."

The officer who fired was a patrol member and has been on the force for 10 years, said Ritchie. The officer is now on a 30-day leave.

There were no other injuries.

The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team is now investigating.

Area known to police

In 2016, officers raided a residence in the same stretch of 68th Avenue S.W. as part of a months-long drug trafficking probe that prompted two suspects to take off on foot, discarding drugs as they ran, CPS said at the time. 

And in 2012, CPS was called to the same home to investigate a suspicious death. 

With files from Anis Heydari