Calgary police link 7th death to tainted ecstasy

Calgary police confirmed Monday that seven people have died since July in the Calgary area after taking tainted ecstasy.

Calgary police confirmed Monday that seven people have died since July in the Calgary area after taking tainted ecstasy.

The toxicology report of Southern Alberta Institute of Technology student Cody Gorlick, 23, who died earlier this month, shows he had ingested ecstasy laced with paramethoxymethamphetamine, a methamphetamine known as PMMA.

Police are also investigating another death they suspect is linked to ecstasy mixed with PMMA after a 37-year-old man was found dead on Sunday.

The cause of his death has not been confirmed, pending the completion of a toxicology report.

The man had been partying with two other people — a man and a woman — who told paramedics they took a number of drugs, including ecstasy. They were also transported to hospital.

"The two people who did not pass away from that residence, that are currently in hospital, are in very serious condition," said Staff Sgt. Mike Bossley.

Police seized a variety of drugs from the home and have sent samples to the crime lab for testing.

Tainted drug reaches past Calgary

As of Monday afternoon, an Edmonton woman was also in serious condition at a Calgary hospital after taking ecstasy with a friend early Saturday morning.

The pair had been at the Republik Nightclub in Calgary.

"From what we've seen in these cases, and it's very apparent, is that the drug [ecstasy] is not just used at raves anymore, it's used by people in their homes, it's used at bars, it's used at all kinds of different locations," said Bossley.

In B.C., 18 people have died after taking ecstasy in the last six months, and a 19th death is being investigated.

Of those 18 deaths, five have been linked to PMMA.