Calgary Pinball Enthusiasts need to find a new home

Eight pinball wizards have lent their own machines to a northeast bar in an effort to keep Calgary's club alive.

Group meets Wednesdays with a $5, unlimited play drop-in for non-members

Club members playing at Koko's Restaurant and Sports Lounge. The group needs to find a new home. (Adam Goodwin)

Eight pinball wizards have lent their own machines to a northeast bar in an effort to keep Calgary's club alive.

At the end of the summer, however, it's game over at their current location at Koko's Restaurant and Sports Bar and the club will have to find a new place to call home.

The group started from an idea to unite Calgarians who love flippers and free plays.

"A dozen of us got together and wanted to get in touch with other pinheads, so we started a Facebook group," Alex Bakker, president of the Calgary Pinball Enthusiasts told the Calgary Eyeopener.

"A day later we found 30 other pinheads in Calgary."

Originally, the group met in members' homes but when membership boomed to over 200, the Calgary Pinball Enthusiasts needed a place to both promote pinball in Calgary and host tournaments. 

Club members play pinball at Koko's Restaurant and Sports Lounge. (Adam Goodwin)

"Most major cities in North America have pincades ... places where you go, there's loud music, and people are playing pinball and old arcade games," said club member Darren Krywolt.

"Even Edmonton has one, but not Calgary,"

Not a bunch of Tommys

Although the club features a core of members who since they were young boys, played the silver ball, the membership of the group is diverse. 

"We want to grow the game in Calgary," said reigning club champion Dan Horne. 

"We want to see more and more people playing. Everyone is welcome, you just have to like to have fun," 

On Wednesdays the club hosts a $5 unlimited play, drop-in night for non-members. Though this week will be the last at Koko's.

Looking for a Lazarus ball

"We're just looking for a place to call our own," said Bakker.

If you're a business able to help a few pinheads, join the Calgary Pinball Enthusiast Facebook group or contact the club at their website.

"We just want people, and maybe prospective business owners, to come out and experience our passionate, fun and friendly community of pinball lovers," said Bakker.

With files from the Calgary Eyeopener