Giant 60-kg crocheted Canadian flag lands Calgary newcomer in the record books

Minu Bhatia has racked up at least three world records after spending 18 months crocheting a 74-square-metre, 60-kilogram tribute to Canada.

Minu Bhatia spent 18 months crocheting the giant wool tribute

This Calgarian broke more than one record for crocheting a massive Canadian flag to honour her new country

3 years ago
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Minu Bhatia stands in front of her huge crocheted maple leaf flag at a Canada Day event in Calgary. Her flag is now in three record books.

A Calgary woman is breaking records for her handmade tribute to her new home country.

Minu Bhatia came to Canada from India to start a new life in 2010, becoming a citizen in 2015. She decided she wanted to do something special for the country that she says welcomed her with open arms.

"We were new here but there was lots of love," said Bhatia. "The country really adopted us well."

Bhatia set her sights on making a craft for Canada Day, and she aimed big.

"I thought I should contribute to this beautiful country in some way," she said.

She started the painstaking process of making it in 2016. 

Eighteen months later, the crocheted Canadian flag was complete. It was 74 square metres and weighed 60 kilograms. 

Bhatia made the flag as a tribute to her new country. (Submitted by Minu Bhatia)

The flag has since been featured at Canada Day events in Calgary and Banff.

"It makes me very proud and very satisfied," said Bhatia. "When I started, there was just one thing on my mind, to make a tribute to this country. Then when it was taken to different places, the love, it was overwhelming for me, so much love from the people," Bhatia said.

Now her hand-stitched creation is breaking records.

It's been included in the Limca Book of Records, the Asia Book of Records and the India Book of Records.

"Lots of my friends and my family support said you should go for the world record, why not? You should apply for this," she said.

The huge flag has been displayed at events in northeast Calgary and Banff. Now Bhatia is looking for a permanent home for her creation. (Submitted by Minu Bhatia)

Her next goal is to find a permanent place for the flag to be displayed. It's currently sitting in her basement.

"Any auditorium, a theatre, any public place where people can go and see it and where it can stay safe," said Bhatia.

She says she hopes her flag might inspire other newcomers to take on their own projects.

"Lots of people want to do something for the country in their own way," she said.

"I'm positive that people will continue to be inspired by it."


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