4D movie theatre coming to Calgary

The new theatre, which promises movement, fog, mist, rain, snow and even bubbles, will open at Chinook Centre.

Fog, mist, rain, snow, bubbles — the immersive experience will be the second to open in Canada

The new theatre will be built at Chinook Centre. (Cineplex)

4D theatre is coming to Calgary.

Cineplex Cinemas announced plans today to open a 4DX auditorium at the Chinook Centre.

Sarah Van Lang speaks for Cineplex and she's promising a full sensory experience.  

"They're sitting in a chair that moves in concert with the action on the big screen and then there's all these other atmospheric effects going on around you — so there's snow, there's rain, there's mist, there's fog. If the mood strikes, there's sometimes bubbles," she said. 

"It really creates a social and enjoyable movie watching experience."

Van Lang adds the timing of Calgary's new 4D theatre will be announced in the coming weeks. It will be the second in Canada after the first opened in Toronto in 2016. 

Cineplex is opening 13 of the specialized theatres across Canada in the coming years.