Calgary approves plan for site of former Midfield Mobile Home Park

Calgary city council has approved a new land use plan for what used to be the Midfield Mobile Home Park. 

Part of the site will be dedicated to affordable housing

The city has approved redevelopment plans for the site of the former Midfield Mobile Home Park. (CBC)

Calgary city council has approved a new land use plan for what used to be the Midfield Mobile Home Park. 

The City of Calgary owns and is the master developer for the site that sits along 16th Avenue N.E., west of Deerfoot. It has been vacant since early 2018 after the city evicted the tenants and bulldozed 170 units.

The city closed the trailer park because of deteriorating underground water and sanitary lines. Initially, the city said it would relocate the residents but later changed its mind, citing costs.

    Since then, the city has been working on a rezoning plan and the area, which is now known as Midfield Heights, will be a mixed-use development with retail, office spaces and residential units.

    The councillor for the area, Druh Farrell, said the city has been working on a plan for the land for the past several years and there's little opposition in the community.

    "Because this is a city project, I want this to serve as a model for sustainable and green development. It has a real opportunity there to be a showcase of good work, safe street design, transit oriented mixed-use development," she said.

    Farrell added that part of the site must be dedicated to affordable housing and has motions arising that would embed this into the area redevelopment plan. 

    "While council decided to close Midfield Mobile Home Park for reasonable reasons and technical reasons, that decision came with a moral obligation to put affordable housing back on this site," she said. "This is our opportunity to keep our promises and build an inclusive community."

    Mayor Naheed Nenshi said with Monday's approval, there's no reason why the land cannot be put up for sale soon.

    "Of course we want to make sure that the market is ready and willing to take it. I mean, it's a beautiful piece of land, gorgeous location, very close to downtown and I imagine that the market will be excited about it," he said.

    Besides the proceeds from selling the land, the city estimates it will eventually gain up to $2 million a year in property taxes from the Midfield site.

    With files from Scott Dippel


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