Calgary man accused of assaulting captive woman gets bail

A Calgary man charged with keeping a woman captive in a northeast home for three weeks has been granted bail.

Troy Lemke to appear back in court in September

Troy Lemke's defence lawyer argued in court today that the woman who accused him of unlawful confinement and sexual assault may not be credible. 2:40


  • The charges against Troy Lemke were stayed by the prosecution following the preliminary inquiry.

A Calgary man charged with keeping a woman captive in a northeast home for three weeks has been granted bail.

Troy Lemke, 28, is charged with assault, sexual assault and forcible confinement.

The Crown is arguing Lemke has a lengthy criminal record and forced the woman into prostitution.

But the judge at today's hearing granted bail after siding with the defence in questioning the credibility of the alleged victim.

The 27-year-old woman would be the main witness in the case.

Defence lawyer Shamsher Kothari argued in a Calgary courtroom today that the woman had told police several different stories that did not match up and admitted to being high on several different drugs — including crack cocaine — during the three weeks she told police she was held captive.

Chances to escape, argues defence

Kothari said she also had a number of opportunities to get help, including one alleged encounter with police.

"There were some noise complaints and that was corroborated by different neighbours and that the complainant had met at the door with the police," he said. 

"Now, we're waiting to get that information and whether it pans out, we'll see, but we're still awaiting that disclosure."

The defence claims the woman was angry because she was kicked out of Lemke's home for working in the sex trade.

"The allegation is unlawful confinement and if you're face-to-face at the door of where you're being confined with a uniformed police officer, one would assume that you're able to speak with the police and let them know that you're in trouble."

Lemke's next court appearance is in September.

He faces 15 charges all together stemming from three different incidents.

He was charged with breaking and entering, wearing a disguise and using an imitation firearm in an incident in February 2012. Lemke also faces charges for possession of a golf club for a dangerous purpose and resisting arrest in March 2011.

Those cases have also been put over to the fall.