Green Line funding from province needed soon, committee says

If the province doesn't commit by October, the city will push ahead with design work on the southeast leg of the Green Line into downtown — and put the north end on hold.

City has asked province for $1.5B

Without provincial funding for the Green Line, the city will have to build it in two phases, says Coun. Shane Keating. (City of Calgary)

Calgary may have to build its next LRT line in phases unless the provincial government commits to funding it by October.

If not, the city will have to push ahead with planning and design work on the southeast leg of the Green Line into downtown — and put the north end of the line on hold, said transportation committee chair Coun. Shane Keating.

The city and the federal government have committed $1.5 billion each to the project. The city has sent a letter to the province, asking it to chip in a similar amount.

The Green Line would run north to south across the city and cost about $4.5 billion.

Keating says he hopes there's a signal from the NDP in next month's provincial budget, adding it's "not a difficult ask."

"If they're going to implement the carbon levy — which they are — the easiest thing to do is to be transparent and specifically say, 'We're implementing this to reduce carbon emissions and we're putting a tax on the gasoline which all drivers pay, therefore we're going to invest in public transit,'" Keating said.

The city wants to start construction in late 2018.

The federal government is putting $1.5 billion into the city's Green Line, but the province has yet to commit to funding. (City of Calgary)