Gas prices rise in Calgary ahead of long weekend

Gas prices in Calgary are headed upwards as the long weekend approaches.

Average price in Calgary up more than 7 cents since last week to 98.1 per litre

Gas prices in Calgary ranged from a high of 104.9 cents per litre to a low of 83.9 cents per litre on Wednesday. (CBC)

Gas prices in Calgary are heading upward as the long weekend approaches.

The average price for regular gas at pumps around the city was 98.1 cents per litre on Wednesday afternoon, up from 92.4 a day earlier, according to

The prices ranged from 83.9 at Costco in the southeast to 104.9 at a Husky station in the northeast. 

A week ago, gas in Calgary was averaging 91 cents per litre.

The average price of regular gas across Canada is 108.9 cents per litre.

Alberta is the third least expensive province to fill up a tank, with an average price of 97.4 cents per litre, behind Manitoba (92.5) and Saskatchewan (95.6).

The most expensive province to get gas is Newfoundland and Labrador, where the average price is 117.6 cents per litre.