Calgary family remembers loved one killed in house fire

The family of a Calgary woman who died in a house fire this week say they are remembering Sherry Nicholls as a jolly soul.
The woman who died in a house fire this week is being remembered as a “jolly soul.” 2:57

The family of a Calgary woman who died in a house fire this week say they’re remembering Sherry Nicholls as a "jolly soul."

She was found unconscious in a bedroom at her house on Vauxhall Crescent Wednesday after firefighters extinguished a fire.

It started at about 5:30 a.m. MT.

Crews attempted to search the home for a person who was unaccounted for, but had to draw back because of safety concerns that the floor was compromised.

On Friday, her family held a news conference where her daughter's boyfriend, Kevin Hancock, urged Calgarians to tell their loved ones how much they love them.

"Please do yourselves a favour look at your loved ones and tell them you love them. Give them a hug and enjoy every moment, every day to the full extent, because you really never know what’s ahead," Hancock said.

He also said hardship is nothing new to the family.

Samantha, daughter of Sherry Nicholls, is fighting cancer.

"First Samantha was diagnosed with leukemia and then this horrible tragedy," Hancock said. "Everyone has pulled together to get through this and we have been overwhelmed with the support and generosity we've gotten. There's been so many wonderful people who have donated so much."

The northwest community of Varsity is rallying behind the family, and flowers have been placed on a fence that's been set up around the home.