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Calgary Stampeders test 'radical' new helmet

The Calgary Stampeders are testing out a new kind of helmet this season. Bo Levi Mitchell and Deron Mayo will be wearing a Riddell "precision fit" helmet.

Calgary real estate firm advertises in China but foreign investors not biting

A real estate agent hoped Vancouver’s foreign buyers tax would help her sell some languishing Calgary homes. But despite her best efforts, Emma May hasn’t seen much interest from Chinese home buyers.

Questions and answers on the Cowboy's Casino cyber attack

Customers and staff of Cowboy's Casino in Calgary who have had their personal information leaked online probably have a lot of questions. David Gerhard, a computer science professor at the University of Regina, sheds some light.

Post-apocalypse photographer captures abandoned High River homes

An abandoned suburb has received some notoriety after a well-known American photographer called it the "world's creepiest neighbourhood."

'You are where?' Volunteers hike Kananaskis in search of confusing signs

A volunteer group is trying to figure out which signs need to be fixed or replaced on backcountry trails in Kananaskis Country.

How to find a last-minute May long weekend campsite near Calgary

Many campsites are booked solid for the May long weekend — but blogger Karen Ung shares some tips to help last-minute campers find a spot.

Kaminski heading police union while facing charges could erode public trust: criminologist

Newly minted Calgary Police Association President Les Kaminski will continue in his role while facing criminal charges of perjury and assault with a weapon — and that speaks to a larger problem within the organization, says a Mount Royal University criminologist.

Delta power outage: What a passenger can do when computers crash

A massive computer meltdown left thousands of Delta Airline passengers around the globe madly scrambling to find and rebook flights. One travel expert has some advice on what a passenger can do and their rights in a similar situation.

Hell on Wheels' Anson Mount tips cowboy hat to Calgary cuisine and hospitality

The actor spoke to the Calgary Eyeopener about his admiration for the city that hosted him for six years while he filmed the popular TV show.

Outdoor Report: Poling, the original stand-up paddleboard

Each week this summer, CBC's Paul Karchut highlights a different outdoor adventure suggested by a Calgary Eyeopener listener. This week? Poling.

Why the Certified Humane beef label might unfairly tarnish Canada cattle

What makes a piece of steak Certified Humane? Does the label controversially championed by Earls restaurants mean animals are treated better than the average Canadian cow? A professor who helped devise Certified Humane guidelines in the U.S. and labelling in Canada cuts through the controversy.

Calgarians share stories of taxi drivers refusing fares after woman gets kicked out

A cabbie who refused to drive Jenna Leniczek six blocks to her car late on Saturday did not have the right to say no to her, says a local taxi spokesperson. But she has since discovered it is a common occurrence in Calgary.

Laid-off oilpatch worker 'can barely keep up' after starting Springbank Christmas Lights

After 25 years working in the oilpatch, the work dried up and Andy Hill decided he'd do something satisfying — buy a fire truck and hang Christmas lights.

City report suggests delaying garbage-reduction goals for five years

A new report recommends the City of Calgary delay its waste-reduction goals because they are too ambitious.

Calgary's high office vacancy rate could benefit artists in need of space

Artists in the Workplace program aims to match up companies with unleased office space to artists in need of gallery or work space.