Calgary readies wishlist for federal infrastructure funds

On the heels of a federal funding infrastructure announcement of $1 billion, a Calgary city councillor is putting together his wishlist.

Alberta and Saskatchewan to share $1B sooner than later

Calgary city council has identified a number of projects it hopes are eligible for federal infrastructure funding. (Evelyne Asselin/CBC)

On the heels of a federal funding infrastructure announcement of $1 billion, a Calgary city councillor is putting together his wishlist.

The federal government is in a hurry to fast-track $13 billion in infrastructure funding.

With Alberta and Saskatchewan hard hit by plunging oil prices, both provinces could get a quick shot in the arm. Alberta is set to receive $704 million and Saskatchewan will get $361 million.

Coun. Shane Keating says he hopes the province has one of Calgary's megaprojects front of mind when the funds flow.

Coun. Shane Keating hopes the Green Line LRT megaproject is on the top of the list of projects to receive federal infrastructure funding announced Tuesday. (Shane Keating)

The city and the federal government have already committed $3 billion to the city's proposed Green Line LRT route, expected to cost about $5 billion.

"I still believe that the Green Line is the number one priority in Calgary at this time and I would hope that if they're going to take some funds, they would dedicate it strictly to the green line," Keating said.

A number of large provincial projects in Calgary have already been approved, including the completion of the ring road and the construction of a new cancer centre.

A city councillor says the Green Line LRT megaproject should be a priority for federal infrastructure funds announced Tuesday. (City of Calgary)

The city identified a handful of "shovel ready" priorities early last year, including a Foothills Athletic Park fieldhouse, bus rapid transit corridors and a new police processing unit.

Alberta's infrastructure minister says informal discussions with the federal government indicate the province will receive infrastructure funding earlier than expected.

Brian Mason would not comment on which projects may get immediate funding this year.

While there are many projects underway in Calgary, one city councillor hopes the Green Line LRT megaproject gets the attention it deserves. (Evelyne Asselin/CBC)


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