Calgary drug bust nets pen gun, 3 arrests

Calgary police have laid 23 charges in a drug-trafficking operation in Calgary's southeast.

Along with loaded .22-calibre pen gun, police seized heroin and methadone

Three people have been arrested after Calgary police found a stash of drugs and weapons in the city's southeast. 0:41

Calgary police have charged three people in connection to a drug-trafficking operation in the city's southeast.

Officers executed a search warrant on March 5 at the home in the 4500 block of 17th Avenue S.E. following a three-week investigation.

In addition to various quantities of heroin and methadone, officers also discovered a loaded .22-calibre pen gun and several other weapons.

Pen guns are easily concealed and can be deadly at close range.

The modified weapon is the third such discovery seized by Calgary police since the beginning of 2012.

Investigators are working with officers from the National Weapons Enforcement Support Teams (NWEST) to find out where the guns came from and whether they have been used in any crimes.

Two women and one man, all from Calgary, have been charged with numerous drug and weapons-related offences.