Vandals hit Calgary's Forest Lawn cricket pitch for 2nd time within a year

Players have been sidelined by two incidents of vandalism at the Forest Lawn cricket pitch.

Games cancelled after carpet ripped, repairs estimated at $3K

Officials believe the vandalism was deliberate. (Salman Khan)

For the second time in a year, cricket players in Calgary are scrambling to repair a pitch in Forest Lawn.

"They just destroyed the whole thing," said Salman Khan, president of Calgary and District Cricket League. 

"They made sure that nobody can play cricket."

He said vandals "intentionally" cut a strip down the middle of the carpet on the public pitch, located in the city's southeast.

The damage has forced eight games to be rescheduled, which Khan said can be tricky to accommodate because there are only six public cricket pitches in the city.

"Calgary has more than 1,000 players and tons of people are getting in the queue to join us."

Teams square off at a Calgary cricket pitch. (Kyle Bakx/CBC)

Khan isn't sure why the Forest Lawn cricket pitch continues to be vandalized. 

"People need to step up and tell us if it's something that we're doing wrong. We're ready to fix it."

He said it will take about a week for the new carpet to arrive from the U.S. and will cost the league about $3,000 to repair it.

Calgary cricket league members assess the damage at the Forest Lawn pitch in the city's southeast. (Salman Khan)

With files from the Calgary Eyeopener