Calgary councillor stands by 'global warming alarmist' tweet

A Calgary city councillor is standing by a tweet in which he blasted 'global warming alarmists' and appeared to suggest cold weather is a sign climate change advocates are blowing the problem out of proportion.

Councillor for Ward 4 appeared to suggest cold weather is a sign of lack of climate change

Coun. Sean Chu has come under fire for a tweet Saturday in which he appeared to suggest cold weather is a sign that global warming is being blown out of proportion by "alarmists." (CBC)

A Calgary city councillor who landed in hot water over a tweet blasting "global warming alarmists" is sticking by his statement, saying he just wants to start a discussion. 

Sean Chu, councillor for Ward 4, tweeted Saturday afternoon that recent cold weather and the fact a ship is stuck in ice near Antarctica seem to have quieted climate change "alarmists." He appeared to suggest cold weather is a sign climate change supporters are blowing the problem out of proportion, and says he is glad it got people talking.

"It's very inconclusive, the study," Chu said. "There's no right or wrong in every discussion, just get the discussion going, and I'm glad I can do that." 

"I'm no expert or scientist, I just read whatever's out there," he said. "To tell the truth, I'm surprised it's getting so [much] response."

Many Calgarians on Twitter jumped into the the fray, including Mayor Naheed Nenshi.

"Wow," Nenshi tweeted. "Winter is a talking point?"

Many of the comments swirling on social media suggested Chu was sticking to a standard right-wing talking point, with one user, @no3puttever, suggesting he had "[drunk] the Kool-Aid."

What do you think? Is it appropriate for an elected official to mock climate change?


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