Calgary authorities close 3 grow-ops

Calgary authorities seized more than $2 million in marijuana plants in three different searches in the city recently.

Estimated street value of plants worth more than $2 million

Two people are facing drug charges in connection to a $1 million grow-op at a home in the northeast.

Police used a warrant Wednesday afternoon to search a house in the 6700 block of 43rd Avenue. 

Inside they found a three-stage, soil-based marijuana operation with 875 plants.       

The Alberta Law Enforcement Response (ALERT) team also announced Thursday that it dismantled two grow-ops in Calgary, seizing around another $1 million in marijuana plants. 

Authorities searched one home in the 700 block of Elbow Drive S.W. and another on Copperfield Grove S.E. The first search yielded 536 plants and the second home contained 315 plants and two weapons. 

The Child at Risk Response Team was also called in because a five-year-old child was living in the Copperfield home. 

Authorities found illegal electrical and water bypasses at all three grow-ops, allowing the occupants to take an undetermined amount of water and electricity. 

Alberta Health Services also deemed the Copperfield and Elbow Drive homes unfit for human habitation because of issues like mould growth.