Back in the day: Rare film shows Calgary in 1925

Take a trip back in time and get to "Know Your Friends in Calgary" — the cars, the clothes and the pride of our small Prairie city in 1925.

Cinematic treasure offers a look at prominent Calgarians and local military on parade

Sights (but no sounds) of Calgary in 1925

8 years ago
Duration 5:28
Featured VideoIt's the height of Calgary fashion. The latest trends in gentleman's hats, the dresses that were all the rage in our city, and the finest cars on our streets. It's Calgary nearly 100 years ago. A sophisticated city on the Prairie.

It's Calgary as you've never seen it.

Film footage of our city from the 1920s is very rare indeed. Only a few have been tracked down, and are held in the Glenbow Museum's collections.

As part of our Calgary at a Crossroads project — an ongoing exploration of who we are as a city, and what makes Calgary so, well, Calgary — we wanted to share one of those films with you. It's called, "Know Your Friends in Calgary."

It was shot by an unknown filmmaker around 1925. The exact date is lost in the mists of time, as are the names of the folks you'll see.

Capturing Calgary in the '20s, William J. Oliver was one of the early documenters of our city. (Glenbow Museum photo archives)

History as mystery 

So sit back, relax and check out your city 90 years ago.

See the latest in lady's cutting edge fashion. Marvel at what's all the rage in gentleman's top hats. Be wow'd by the fastest cars and the coolest businesses. There's also a military parade for good measure.

So, click away. Enjoy travelling back in time. And if you think you know who any of these proud early Calgary men and women are, let us know in our comments section!

A gentleman has always known his car makes a statement about who he is. Prominent Calgary businessman J. R. Jaynes poses with his car at his home at 2124 Hope Street S.W. (Glenbow Museum photo archives)

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