Gas leak in downtown Calgary prompts evacuation after SUV crashes into bus

A C-Train was evacuated Tuesday afternoon after a gas line was struck in a crash between an SUV and a city bus in downtown Calgary.

SUV ran a red light and crashed into bus according to police

Twitter user @keightyen tweeted this photo of a city bus that collided with an SUV in Calgary's downtown core.

A C-Train was evacuated Tuesday afternoon after a gas line was struck in a crash between an SUV and a city bus in downtown Calgary.

The SUV ran a red light on First Street at Seventh Avenue, according to police, and collided with the bus. A nearby gas line and electrical box were damaged in the collision.

The fire department has shut off the gas and officials are working to remove the bus and SUV from the C-Train tracks.

The train, which was not involved in the crash, was stopped and evacuated after the collision.

People in four nearby buildings were also told to stay inside and asked to close all doors and windows.

The driver of the SUV was treated at the scene for minor injuries.

Transit routes affected

Calgary Transit deployed shuttles for travellers on affected C-train routes. 

The City Hall and Eighth Street C-Train stations are still functioning, though Calgary Transit warns of delays.

People interested in catching a shuttle can pick them up at bus stops with orange signs, according to Calgary Transit.

The routes run along Sixth Avenue to 11th Street S.W., and Ninth Avenue to Macleod Trail. 

Calgary Transit is tweeting updates for those affected by the delays.


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