Watch as this backyard bunny carries off a carrot caper

A Cambrian Heights family couldn't believe what they were seeing as a bunny stole the tasty carrot right out from under the nose of their snowman.

Video shows a bunny nipping a tasty carrot, out from under the nose of a Cambrian Heights snowman

You could call it the Great Carrot Caper.

A Cambrian Heights family couldn't believe what they were seeing as a bunny stole the tasty carrot right out from under the nose of their snowman earlier this week.

  • WATCH | The video above to see the bunny burgler in action
Bunny goes for it. (Hannah Bryant)

Sheila Bryant grabbed her phone and started filming the adventure as the bunny approached, stood up on his back legs, and went face to face with the tiny snowman, who was just the right height.

'Got your nose!' This Cambrian Heights snowman was left without his carrot after a bunny stopped by for a snack. (Hannah Bryant)

Meanwhile, Hannah Bryant snapped a series of still photos as the family watched the crime of opportunity from the window.

On the video, the family can be heard exclaiming that the bunny is giving the snowman a kiss. 

We thought the lighthearted carrot caper is just the type of thing Calgarians need right now as an antidote to the grim COVID-19 and economic news.

And we've received some wonderful photos from people in the city and southern Alberta so far to share with others to spread good cheer through the holiday season. You can check some of the best out here:

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Here are some of the wonderful stories we've received so far:

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