Calgary cop on trial for corruption allegations will see Halifax assault charge withdrawn

A Calgary police officer on trial for criminal harassment will soon see his Halifax assault charge withdrawn, CBC News has learned.

Bryan Morton was suspended without pay by Calgary Police Service and was working as bouncer in Halifax

Const. Bryan Morton will soon see his charge of assault withdrawn by the Crown in Halifax. The 33-year-old is on trial in Calgary for corruption-related offences. (Meghan Grant/CBC)

A Calgary police officer on trial for criminal harassment will soon see an unrelated Halifax assault charge withdrawn, CBC News has learned.

CPS Const. Bryan Morton, 33, was charged with common assault during a shift as a bouncer at The Dome, a Halifax nightclub, on Nov. 12. He wasn't charged until January.

Morton's Calgary defence lawyer, Jim Lutz, confirmed Halifax counsel Joel Pink was able to get the Crown to withdraw the charge, which will happen at a court appearance later this month.

"He did nothing wrong," said Lutz of his client. "He's relieved these charges are being withdrawn by the Crown."

Morton is currently in the middle of a trial with two other current and former CPS officers who are accused of corruption-related offences 

Morton is accused of targeting a mother in the middle of a custody battle, following her, trying to bribe her friends, and accepting money for doing searches on police databases while he worked for a private investigation firm.

He is charged with bribery and unauthorized use of a computer system and criminal harassment and is currently suspended without pay from CPS. 

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