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Bryan Labby is an enterprise reporter with CBC Calgary. If you have a good story idea or tip, you can reach him at or on Twitter at @CBCBryan.

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Pregnant Calgary couple 'shocked' after demand for $10K upfront payment to cover delivery costs

A Calgary couple expecting the birth of their first child next month has no idea who will help deliver their baby or even where it will be born. It may not happen in Calgary, where they live, after a local obstetrician requested a $10,000 upfront payment for his services before the couple's first appointment.

Is climate change actually a 'climate crisis'? Some think so

A movement to change the language used to describe climate change is triggering a debate over whether it's time to report on global warming as a full-fledged "crisis" or "emergency."

Calgary's new $191M plan to ease business tax burden losing support

Calgary city council's new plan to help ease the tax burden on business property owners is already losing support.  Council is proposing a $191 million dollar tax cut, contingent on the province chipping in $60 million of that amount.

Proposed Springbank reservoir faces renewed, invigorated opposition

As the sixth anniversary of the devastating June 2013 floods in Calgary and southern Alberta approaches, the proposed Springbank reservoir is likely months away its fate being decided — and the government says it cannot commit to a project that hasn't been given regulatory approval.

Albertans eager to save some money with death of provincial carbon tax

Alberta premier Jason Kenney is set to pull the plug on Alberta's carbon tax. Bill 1, the legislation to repeal the tax, is set to be tabled in the legislature soon after today's speech from the throne.

Industry worries new Alberta government will cancel solar-power rebates

Alberta's solar industry lit up after the government started handing out millions of dollars in rebates for homeowners. The province's controversial carbon tax covered the cost of those incentives, but the tax is about to get axed, and possibly all those rebates along with it.

Former mortgage broker Brandon Antonini, convicted in multimillion-dollar investment scam, loses appeal

A former Calgary mortgage broker convicted after helping swindle real-estate investors out of millions of dollars in a bogus bridge financing scheme has had his appeal dismissed.

Former Calgary mortgage broker appeals conviction and prison sentence

Former Calgary mortgage broker Brandon Antonini says the trial judge erred on several grounds in finding him guilty of swindling former clients out of more than $2 million.

Calgarians sing the blues as bigger, heavier concerts bypass city

Big name acts are leaving Calgary out their Western Canada tour dates. The city's saddle-shaped concert venue can't support the growing weight of these shows and the elaborate equipment that's strung from the roof.

Why some undecided voters are still undecided

It's been a few days since Albertans got to see the major party leaders duke it out on live t.v., but without a knockout punch some voters are still deciding who they're going to vote for.

Support for UCP remains solid, unwavering despite controversies

UCP supporters say controversial comments by current and former candidates and an RCMP investigation into possible voter fraud and irregular donations will not affect their intention to vote for Jason Kenney's United Conservative party in this month's election.

Election focus group 'disappointed' following latest UCP leadership campaign revelations

A mess. Really bad. Looks like dirty politics. That's how some members of CBC's new election focus group describe the fallout from the latest allegations about the UCP leadership campaign. The focus group has been assembled to watch all of the twists, turns and missteps during the spring election.

Alberta Party enjoys post-leadership bump, while Alberta Liberals continue to lag, CBC Poll finds

An exclusive CBC News poll shows the Alberta Party has climbed to 11% support, while Alberta Liberals lag with 6% backing from Albertans.

Disabled Calgarians ask why Calgary Transit Access doesn't 'treat us with respect'

Mary Salvani waited for Calgary Transit Access to pick her up at the Calgary Zoo's north entrance last month, but her ride never came. When she called to check, she was told the driver showed up but she was no where to be found. Salvani says she felt the dispatcher was accusing her of lying.

Leaky condo owners wonder: Where's the accountability?

One of Calgary's latest condominium rehab projects is entering its final phase as scaffolding is set to go up outside one of the four-storey buildings at the sprawling Lighthouse Landing development in the northeast.