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Bryan Labby is an enterprise reporter with CBC Calgary. If you have a good story idea or tip, you can reach him at or on Twitter at @CBCBryan.

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Flood protection delayed by deficient reports, lack of leadership: Calgary expert

A Calgary lawyer who specializes in regulatory reviews of massive private-sector projects says the proposed Springbank Reservoir, a dry dam that could help protect Calgary from future floods, has been delayed by a lack of leadership, poor decision making and staff turnover.

Businesses get set to reopen while facing employees' fears and anxieties

Employees at the Rose and Crown pub on Fourth Street S.W. have been using a tape measure as they shuffle and reposition tables and chairs in what’s emerging as the new normal in the city’s hospitality industry. What they're also trying to gauge is how their employees feel about returning to work in the midst of a global pandemic.

'I thought I was going to die': Calgary woman's long road to recovery from COVID-19

It's been almost two months since Calgary filmmaker and video producer Judy Gabriel went to the doctor with a cough and a sore throat. Weeks ticked by before she tested for COVID-19 — and even after the coronavirus was confirmed, she nearly didn't end up in hospital but eventually spent five days in intensive care. Now, three weeks after she was discharged, she's nowhere near recovered.

Alberta allows 190 child-care centres to reopen but only a few offer $25/day rate

Another dozen or so daycare centres opened up across Alberta last week for the children of workers deemed essential during the COVID-19 crisis. The province has allowed 190 facilities to reopen, but only 13 offer $25-per-day spots.

Controversial COVID-19 treatment touted by Trump to be tested in Alberta

Albertans who have been exposed to coronavirus are being asked to join a clinical trial into the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine, an anti-viral drug that’s been used for decades to treat malaria and some auto-immune diseases.

'A bit more urgency': Calgarians inquire about legal preparations for end of life, illness

Like most of us, Alyssa Denis had been putting off plans to prepare for her death, but because of COVID-19 she's had to abruptly reshuffle her priorities. She's putting together a personal directive, a living will.

Calgary realtors bracing for a 'double whammy'

Long-time Calgary realtor Len Wong says it's not just fears over the spread of the coronavirus that has the city's real estate industry on edge, it's also the plunge in oil prices and the long-term impact on house prices and sales.

Lethbridge faces critical shortage of resources for victims of domestic violence, officials say

Lethbridge officials say a shortage of shelter beds, longer-term housing and treatment services means more women and children are being turned away.

Surviving her sister's murder: Calgary woman tries to make a difference

It's been two years since Calgary's El-Dib family was devastated by the murder of their daughter and sister, Nadia. One of her sisters says she will fight on against domestic violence with a message aimed at young Albertans.

Searching for a solution to end domestic violence in Airdrie

An Airdrie woman who was viciously attacked by her boyfriend sparked an increase in domestic violence calls in the city of 70,000. Intimate partner violence has been steadily increasing in the community for years, but those who want to help say they're facing roadblocks.

The search for jobs and a recovery in Red Deer: 'There's absolutely nothing out there'

Sean is 46. He might consider himself lucky since he's been out of work only since December. He's pretty succinct when asked to describe the economic climate in the city of 100,000. "It sucks."

Irish company more than doubles plan for solar farms in Calgary

DP Energy has already won approval for one solar park in southeast Calgary and is now pushing for a second that could become one of the largest photovoltaic solar farms in Canada.

From 'critical' to 'sideshow,' Calgarians give fair deal panel wide range of feedback

Nearly 500 people showed up to have their say in front of the UCP's "fair deal" panel in northeast Calgary on Tuesday night, with most supporting the Alberta government's call for more power while others called the panel a sideshow that distracted from provincial budget cuts.

Two of Calgary's walkable, inner-city shopping districts face distinct challenges

There's a two-block stretch in Kensington that looks anything but vibrant. Six storefronts are empty with two more set to close by the end of the year. But it's a different story in Inglewood, where developers are "circling" the neighbourhood.

Alberta's smaller airports look to take off with expanded passenger service

Little regional airports around Alberta are expanding either in size or passenger volume, and hope to continue if the funding is right.