Life-size TARDIS appears outside Doctor Who fan's home in Alberta

A man from Brooks, Alta.,. says he had some strange looks from the neighbours before they realized what he was building in his yard.

Time travelling phone box is attracting visitors eager for photo opportunity in Brooks

This Brooks man is real big fan of Doctor Who, and now his neighbours in the small Alberta city know it too. 1:01

A man from Brooks, Alta., says he had some strange looks from neighbours before they realized what he was building in his yard.

Doctor Who fan Brad Alexander says it wasn't until he broke out the blue paint and police box signs that his months-long project became clearer: a life-sized replica of the fictional doctor's ride through space called the TARDIS, or Time And Relative Dimension In Space.

It's featured in the popular U.K. sci-fi series about a time-travelling doctor that's run for decades and gained millions of fans around the world. An old-fashioned British police phone box served as the model for the original TARDIS. 

Alexander's TARDIS features a door on the outside with an antique phone that plays Doctor Who audio books and includes a flashing blue-purple light inside, which has been attracting curious locals.

An antique phone built into a hatch in the front of the TARDIS plays audio books for visitors. (Dan McGarvey/CBC)

"This seemed like a good idea at the time. I enjoy the show and watched most of the episodes," said Alexander.

"The first thing was to convince my wife. That was the hardest part of building it," he said.

Alexander also cleared the project with the City of Brooks and the local RCMP.

He says it's attracting lots of attention.

"I'm getting compliments all the time, and from the community it's been a really great response. People are coming throughout the day steadily," he said.

Brad Alexander says his TARDIS, inspired by the long-running U.K. sci-fi TV series, brightens up the corner of his road at 3rd Avenue W. and 7th Street W. in Brooks. (Dan McGarvey/CBC)

Alexander says he hopes a few stray tourists might stumble on his project, as well as local visitors.

He says all the TARDIS needs now is a guest book for visitors to sign.

Alexander says he hopes to dress up as a doctor from the show and hand out Halloween candy, if COVID-19 restrictions permit, and incorporate the TARDIS into a Halloween display.