Bobcats allowed to stay put under deck of Calgary home

Officials say they will not remove a family of bobcats living under the deck of a house under renovation in Oakridge.

Wildlide officials expect the family will move on soon

A bobcat living in a yard in Oakridge. 0:36

Wildlife officials say they will not remove a family of bobcats living under the deck of a house in Oakridge in southwest Calgary.

“The homeowner has indicated he is not concerned about the bobcats being there, as have many of the other residents in the neighbourhood,” said Brendan Cox, a public affairs officer with Justice and Solicitor General, of which the Alberta Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Branch is now a part.

“They will likely move on soon once the kittens are a little older, and once they are gone, the homeowner will board up the deck to ensure bobcats don’t move in again.”

The house is currently undergoing a renovation and is unoccupied by the owner. Some neighbours say that is why the bobcats are moving around the property. They claim a bobcat recently bit a dog and they're now concerned about the presence of the wild animals.

Wildlife in the neighbourhood is not unusual. Oakridge borders the Weaselhead park area.

“We encourage people not to approach them or go looking for them. Bobcats are not typically a public safety concern, but they can come in conflict with pets where their habitats overlap with humans. This primarily occurs where bobcats defend their territory especially with nearby dens,” said Cox.

Cox recommends homeowners make their property unwelcoming to bobcats:

  • Block off potential areas where dens could be established.
  • Light all walkways after dark.
  • Put garbage in containers with tight-fitting lids.
  • Do not leave pet food outdoors.