Bob the Parrot, missing nearly 3 months, returned to owner

A yellow, red and green parrot missing almost three months has been found in Calgary.

'I'm so happy we had a happy ending,' bird's owner says

Breanna Markel is happy to have back her parrot named Bob. (Breanna Markel)

A yellow, red and green parrot missing almost three months has been found in Calgary.

Bob escaped from his owner in May when she took him outside for fresh air.

"I'm so happy we had a happy ending," Breanna Markel told the Calgary Eyeopener.

Markel has been posting missing signs around Calgary and on lost pet websites for months.

But it was only last week a family found it when the parrot flew into their garage.

The woman fed him and bought a parrot cage, and searched around for missing parrots. By Tuesday, she had connected with Markel by finding her ad on the YYC Pet Recovery Facebook page.

"She's an angel. I am so happy he ended up with somebody like her," Markel said in the interview on Thursday.

Rope around foot

The parrot turned up with a rope tied tightly around one foot. They'll need a veterinarian to remove it.

He's stressed, more cautious around hands and men, and for whatever reason, he's also been calling like a crow, she said.

Overall, the parrot is in good shape, fairly active and eating.

Bob the parrot went missing three months ago but has been found. (Breanna Markel)

When they were finally reunited, he hopped on her shoulder and snuggled under her hair.

"I don't know what he's been through, I never will know, but it's taken some time for him to warm up to my husband again," Markel said.

The family who found the parrot turned down the reward Markel was offering, but allowed her to pay for the cage they had bought.

With files from the Calgary Eyeopener