Blunt anti-sex assault campaign re-launches in Calgary

A campaign against sexual assault launched again in Calgary with a message aimed at potential offenders.

Don't Be That Guy campaign expands with new posters

This phase of the campaign addresses sexual consent in relationships, including for same sex couples, but still recognizes that the majority of offenders are male. (Don't Be That Guy)

A campaign against sexual assault launched again in Calgary with a message aimed at potential offenders.

The campaign, called Don't Be That Guy, targets young men willing to have sex with a partner who has not given consent. The advertisements, with graphic language and images, will be placed on public transit and in bars.

"In the past, we've seen a lot of prevention campaigns, but most of the campaigns have always placed responsibility on victims, offering them tips on how they can be responsible for stopping the crimes against them," said Danielle Aubry, executive director of Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse. 

"We also know those kinds of campaigns don't work."

Staff Sgt. Ryan Jepson said in a news release the posters intentionally target males.

"Most men will never commit a sexual offence, however, we know that the majority of reported sexual abuse and sexual assault offences are perpetrated by men. In some studies, the percentage of reported offences committed by men is as high as 97 per cent," he said.

The first phase of the Don't Be That Guy campaign in 2011 was very successful in getting people talking about the issue, Aubry said. The latest version also raises the issue of sexual consent between people of the same sex.

"The campaign is not intended to offend men, but rather to connect with men and encourage them to get involved and become part of the solution," said Joe Campbell, a youth engagement specialist with Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse.

Part of poster aimed at discouraging young men from sexually assaulting women incapacitated by alcohol. (Don't Be That Guy)
One of four new posters released in the campaign re-launch. (Don't Be That Guy)