Blood was everywhere, said relative of Evanston victims

More details have emerged in the killings of a Calgary mother and her five-year-old son who were found dead in their northwest Evanston home in May.

Calgary mother may have discovered inappropriate relationship before her death

Court documents reveal relative's account of gruesome discovery and a possible motive. 2:46

More details have emerged in the killings of a Calgary mother and her five-year-old son who were found dead in their northwest Evanston home in May.

Chona Manzano, 35, and her five-year-old son Gabrial were found in their northwest Calgary home in May. (Facebook)

An autopsy confirmed Chona Manzano and her son Gabrial had been stabbed to death. Police have since charged 26-year-old Guevera Wilson Clorina, who is related to the victims, with two counts of second-degree murder.

Court documents show Manzano may have learned about an inappropriate sexual relationship, which Clorina may be facing charges for in the near future.

The information was released in an application for a search warrant, which also describes how Chona's father-in-law, Ernesto Manzano, was the first on scene.

Blood was the first thing Ernesto saw upon arrival at his son's home during the lunch hour May 16, according to the court documents.

The garage door had been left open and Ernesto told police there was blood on the floor, walls, door knob and into the kitchen.

Gruesome discoveries

Ernesto found his son's wife, Chona, lying face down with blood surrounding her body but couldn't find a pulse.

He bolted up the blood-stained stairs to the second floor of the home.

In the master bedroom, Ernesto made the devastating discovery of his five-year-old grandson, Gabrial, face down in a pool of blood. 

The barefoot boy was on the floor at the foot of his parents' bed with four stab wounds clearly showing through his yellow tank top, according to the court documents.

Unable to find a phone, Ernesto ran next door to get help from neighbours, who called 911.

The details from the court document have not been proven in court.

Flurry of text messages from the accused

Guevera Wilson Clorina may be facing more charges after being accused in the death of a Calgary mother and son. (Facebook)

The court documents also outline a flurry of text messages and phone calls between Clorina, who is a cousin of Chona's husband Erwin Manzano, and Chona's brother-in-law Jay Nolasco. 

"I can't handle this anymore," read one text to Nolasco from Clorina. 

Clorina lived with Nolasco a few blocks from the Manzanos.

Nolasco says Clorina had also called him sounding scared and asking for help, according to the documents.

Clorina told Nolasco he was inside Erwin and Chona's home. Nolasco said he thought that was odd since Clorina was supposed to be at the electronics company where he worked.

Then came the words: "Someone got stabbed," Clorina told Nolasco. 

Car goes missing

When Erwin pulled up at his house he could see his father, sister and neighbour standing outside crying.

Erwin ran inside, stumbling on the same scene his father found only minutes before: his wife and son dead and their blood all over his home. 

He also realized his car was missing from the garage, a 2005 grey Acura. 

It was located by RCMP hours later near Olds, which is 95 kilometres north of Calgary.

RCMP say the car was found in a ditch with Clorina inside, and he was acting strangely.

Officials are still waiting on toxicology results to determine if he was on any drugs at the time.

With files from Meghan Grant