Bears prompt 'no stopping zone' in Kootenay National Park

An 11-kilometre "no stopping zone" has been set up once again this year on Highway 93 near Radium, Parks Canada officials said Thursday.

Grizzly bears, black bears, other wildlife recently spotted by roadside

Kootenay National Park established a no-stopping zone on Highway 93 in 2014 in order to protect this mother bear and her cubs foraging near the road, which caused some traffic chaos. The order has been in place every spring since. (Jason Leo Bantle)

An 11-kilometre "no stopping zone" has been set up once again this year on Highway 93 south in Kootenay National Park, Parks Canada officials said Thursday.

The move comes after grizzly bears, black bears and other wildlife have been observed on the roadway that stretches from Radium, B.C., north to the Banff turnoff on Highway 1.

Officials say stopping within the zone, which runs from McKay Creek Operations Centre to Cobb Lake, is restricted to trailhead parking areas.

Officials say stopping increases animal interactions with humans and vehicles, and creates traffic hazards.

The zone was first put in place in 2014 after a grizzly and her cubs foraging near Olive Lake caused traffic chaos as people stopped to look at the animals. 

Motorists are asked to report all bear sightings to Banff Dispatch at 403-762-1473.