Black bear that was munching on pumpkins in southwest Calgary removed

Wildlife officers have removed a small black bear that was hanging around a residential area next to North Glenmore Park in southwest Calgary.

Critter was spotted several times looking for food outside homes in Lakeview

Young bruin badgering S.W. Calgary removed

4 months ago
Watch the story of the bear caught late Monday night in Lakeview that was moved outside the city to "better food sources." 2:36

Wildlife officers have removed a small black bear that was hanging around the Lakeview community next to North Glenmore Park in southwest Calgary. 

The park was closed to the public on Monday night and signs were posted warning people to stay away because a dangerous bear was in the vicinity.

As CTV reported, the bear was seen on video munching on pumpkins and birdseed outside residences in the area.

Provincial officers tranquilized and then removed the bear around midnight.

Wildlife officers get ready to remove a tranquilized black bear from a front lawn in Lakeview in southwest Calgary early Tuesday, just past midnight. (Brad Davies)
Provincial wildlife officials removed a black bear from a residential area adjacent to North Glenmore Park early Tuesday morning. (CBC)
Paw prints in the snow on the streets of Lakeview helped wildlife officers track down and remove a black bear that had been hanging around the southwest Calgary neighbourhood. (Brad Davies)


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