Calgary's caped crusader gives 74-year-old a Batmobile birthday ride

For her 74th birthday, Laurette Ginther's daughter arranged for a special ride with Calgary's HolyBatman — the city's not-so-dark knight.

HolyBatman sighted around the city doing good deeds for months

Laurette Ginther, 74, meets Batman for a birthday spin in the Batmobile

6 years ago
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Ginther's daughter organized the surprise ride, knowing how her mother had always joked about getting to meet Batman.

Holy surprise Batman!

Laurette Ginther was slightly shocked to meet Calgary's caped crusader this week after her daughter arranged a ride for her 74th birthday.

Known as HolyBatman, the city's not-so-dark knight has been sighted doing good deeds all around the city for months.

"If I can make people smile by the costume and the car, that's what it's about," said HolyBatman, who asked that only his superhero moniker be used.

He has a fully-loaded Batmobile, so he sprang into action when contacted by Ginther's daughter. It's been a longtime dream of the Calgary grandmother.

Laurette Ginther's daughter arranged for a special ride with Calgary's HolyBatman for her 74th birthday. (Mark Matulis/CBC)

"I used to tease my daughter when I would see it on TV, 'I'd love to have a ride in Batman's vehicle,'" she said.

"And all of sudden, here it is. Surprise."

The Batmobile is street legal.

"It's classified as a motorcycle, that's why I do have to wear the helmet," said HolyBatman.

It's been roughly a year now that he's been making appearances in Calgary after relocating from Texas. He started getting into character after a chance encounter with a young cancer patient in Houston.

Known as HolyBatman, this caped crusader cruises around Calgary with the goal of making people smile. (Justin Pennell/CBC)

"I saw a little boy who just finished some chemo treatments and it just melted my heart and I kept going with it," said HolyBatman.

He has made appearances at everything from Calgary Flames rallies to McDonald's drive-thrus in support of McHappy Day.

HolyBatman even made headlines a few weeks back after a little encounter with Calgary police went viral online.

He took the opportunity to praise police — or "the real heroes" — for their work.

"I want to thank the Calgary police and all that you do for the community," he wrote on Facebook. "Maybe next time we can carpool. Oh wait, I only have two seats."

With files from Mark Matulis