RCMP dashcam catches cougar sneaking past Banff traffic stop

A cougar has been spotted twice near the Banff IGA in recent weeks.

Unusual for solitary animal to be seen in populated areas

A cougar, like the one pictured here, has been spotted twice near the Banff IGA. (Fotolia)

It seems like a cougar is frequenting a Banff grocery store.

On Friday, Alberta RCMP posted a dashcam video to YouTube of a traffic stop outside the Banff IGA.

As a Mountie chats with a driver in the video, a cougar is seen trotting across the road near the intersection of Elk Street and Marten Street, prompting the officer to do a double-take. 

On Jan. 9, RCMP spotted what was likely the same feline near the store around 3 a.m.

It's unusual for the solitary animals to be spotted in such populated areas.

The Alberta Environment and Parks website says if you encounter a cougar, do not run or turn your back. Instead, make sure any children or pets stay calm and nearby, and make yourself look as large as possible. 

Any cougar sightings within Banff National Park should be reported to Parks Canada.