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Tricia is a multimedia journalist who joined CBC in 2014.

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For the first time, Filipino-Canadian rappers have an awards show of their own

The inaugural FilCan Music Rap Awards celebrating Filipino-Canadian rappers across the country will crown winners on June 12 in six categories for music produced in 2020.
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These culinary creators are offering Albertans a taste of Filipino food

Filipino chefs in Alberta are finding creative ways to bring the flavours of their childhood to the mainstream.
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Why food is much more than just food in Filipino culture

At a table where grandparents, parents and children may not always agree, food can be common ground and peacemaking.
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How two young Filipino tattoo artists are navigating family, identity and the industry

Calgarian Leah Anifowose says attitudes are shifting, both in Filipino circles and in the industry itself.
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How Filipino heritage thrives in a small Alberta town

A vibrant and deep-rooted Filipino community has established itself in the northern hamlet of Lac La Biche.
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Calgary youth unpack sexuality and taboo culture in the Filipino community

The free Saturday workshop is a place to ask questions, share experiences and find acceptance in sexual and gender identities.
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How the target of a racist slur is using his art to encourage others to speak up

A Filipino-Chinese man hopes his photography moves people to recognize the stories of hardship and hard-won success that have made Calgary's Chinatown what it is.

Calgary man alleged to be kingpin of international crime network after big drug bust

Alberta police and U.S. officials have pulled off a record drug bust, seizing millions of dollars worth of drugs, cash and guns, and arresting a Calgary man alleged to be at the centre of a massive drug network.

Dismal weather destroys 45% of sugar beet harvest in southern Alberta

Alberta’s sugar beet harvest has been called off, making this the worst harvest in decades. 

Starving Calgary's inner city to build empty suburbs doesn't make sense: Woolley

Coun. Evan Woolley says it doesn't make sense to cut inner-city services and facilities while the city builds infrastructure in unoccupied neighbourhoods.