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Tracy Johnson is the senior producer of CBC's western digital business unit. She's been a business reporter/producer with CBC on radio, television and online for 15 years. @tracyjohnsoncbc

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No ID required: Vape products easy to buy for Calgary youth

CBC Calgary worked with teens to visit 16 vape shops in the city. Five of those shops were willing to sell vape products to youth without checking ID

Supreme Court rules energy companies must clean up old wells — even in bankruptcy

Canada's Supreme Court rules provincial environmental rules trump bankruptcy laws in the energy sector, overturning lower court decisions that said creditors should get paid back first — before cleaning up old wells.

How the dairy industry complicates the quest for better butter

As the U.S. looks to crack open the Canadian dairy industry, is it possible to protect farmers and still allow better butter over the border?

WestJet facing lower ticket sales amid threat of pilots' strike

WestJet is seeing softer bookings and lower profits as it faces a potential pilot's strike.

Faculty seeks provincial probe into academic freedom at University of Calgary

The University of Calgary's faculty association is calling out leadership for using for-profit corporate structures to keep decision-making behind closed doors.

Academic freedom compromised by U of C, watchdog group finds

The Canadian Association of University Teachers has concerns about both conflict of interest policy and academic freedom at the University of Calgary. U of C said issues already investigated with no wrongdoing found.

Energy East's cause of death: Business, politics or climate?

A look at the important factors — and how they've changed — since the controversial pipeline project was introduced on Aug. 1, 2013

The oilsands at 50: Will they still be producing in 100 years?

An oilsands chief executive says his company will still be working the oilsands for another 100 or 200 years. Others aren't so sure.

Salt Spring Island and the fight over incorporation

People on the largest of B.C.'s gulf islands vote today on whether it should become a municipality. To an outsider, it may seem like a low-stakes decision. On the island, it's anything but.

After years of turbulence, ultra-low-cost carriers could finally take flight in Canada

The lure of ultra-low-fare airlines is clear for both passengers and the airlines themselves. But the movement is having some trouble taking off in Canada.