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Taylor Lambert is the producer of investigative and enterprise journalism at CBC Edmonton. His books and longform reporting about Alberta have won numerous awards. Send tips in confidence to taylor.lambert@cbc.ca, or anonymously via SecureDrop.

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88 cops in Edmonton and Calgary have left their jobs while under investigation since 2012

Dozens of police officers in Alberta’s two major cities have retired or resigned while under investigation for misconduct since 2012, according to statistics obtained through freedom of information.

Worker injuries, safety orders reveal human impact of Edmonton LRT project

Statistics show that TransEd’s direct employees had a higher rate of injuries than both industry and provincial averages. In addition, the Occupational Health and Safety database lists more than 25 orders against TransEd between 2017 and 2022, including some related to confined spaces, emergency preparedness, and investigating incidents of violence and harassment.

Indigenous communities lead efforts to trace the history of residential schools

Indigenous efforts to uncover the past have sparked interest from around the world. But one expert wonders if government commitments to future funding could drop if that interest wanes.

2 Edmonton police officers were gunned down 6 months ago. Investigators are keeping mum

It’s been six months since two Edmonton police officers were shot to death as they knocked on the door of an apartment in the city’s northwest.

Should critical infrastructure like high-speed rail be left to the private sector?

Prairie Link announced plans to build a Calgary-Edmonton train in 2021, but did not respond to requests about the status of the project.

Dr. Deena Hinshaw was hired by the AHS Indigenous health team, then removed against its wishes

Multiple sources confirm that former Alberta chief medical officer of health Dr. Deena Hinshaw was hired in May, only to have her job offer revoked days before she was to start.

What happened in the Alberta election? Here's what the numbers say

Elections Alberta will release the official figures from this week's provincial election on June 8. But the unofficial numbers have much to offer. Let's dig in.

Alberta voters flock to advance polls in record numbers

Alberta voters have turned out to advance polls in higher numbers than in the last two elections — both of which saw a change in government.

Advance voting is now open in Alberta. Here's what you need to know

Advance polling stations are open Tuesday through Saturday for all eligible voters.

Overloaded, under-resourced: Red Deer's health-care problems are Alberta's

Albertans have health care top of mind as they consider casting their ballots. The problems in Red Deer reflect the state of the health-care system across the province.