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Tarini Fernando is a web writer at CBC Calgary and master's student at the University of Calgary. She can be contacted at tarini.fernando@cbc.ca.

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Calgary pediatric hospice discharging all respite patients, redeploying staff to children's hospital

Rotary Flames House, a pediatric hospice in Calgary, is temporarily pausing its services and discharging all respite patients to redeploy staff to Alberta Children’s Hospital, CBC News has learned.

Memorial held for man who died in CPS custody, family still searching for answers

Mourners gathered in Calgary on Sunday to remember Sonny Crazy Bull, an Indigenous man who died in police custody two years ago.

Alleged cyber attacks on MLA Leela Aheer's Facebook accounts lead to RCMP investigation

Aheer wrote on Twitter that her Facebook accounts had been hacked and were "being used for sexual exploitation."

Two-spirit and Indigiqueer community honoured in new Sunnyside mural

A brightly coloured mural is the latest addition to containR Park in Calgary’s Sunnyside neighbourhood, and it honours the beauty of the local two-spirit and Indigiqueer community.

Addictions recovery program for queer youth to open in Calgary next spring

The Stonewall Recovery program will be a residential addictions treatment program for queer youth in Calgary between the ages of 18 and 24.

Indigenous fashion designers gaining recognition on international runways

Melrene Saloy’s love for fashion began as a child, making clothes for her dolls after her grandmother and aunts taught her to sew. Today, she runs her own business, making culturally appropriate First Nations jewelry and accessories.

Car and truck sales still suffering in Alberta with low inventory, high interest rates, inflation

New car and truck sales in Alberta are still suffering from a number of factors, including low inventory, high interest rates and the state of economic uncertainty across the country.

Detached and semi-detached home sales decline in Calgary with low inventory, high interest rates

According to a report released Monday by the Calgary Real Estate Board, there have been "significant slowdowns" in the detached and semi-detached house market, while condominiums and row-style properties rise in sales.

Calgary man with months to live wants to give away his 10-metre long, hand-built steel boat

Rudy Holik only has a few months to live — and one of his last wishes is to give away his 10-metre long, hand-built steel boat to someone who can make use of it.

Calgary businesses switch to eco-friendly packaging ahead of single-use plastics ban

Some Calgary businesses are already preparing alternative and eco-friendly packaging options ahead of the federal government's single-use plastics ban.